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Background / History



Pahang State Development Corporation (PKNP) was incorporated on 27 December 1965 through the LKNP Enactment Bill 12/65 with its core responsibility to increase, drive, provide facilities as well as conduct economic and social development works especially in the rural areas.




The main functions and activities of PKNP and its Group are focused on the following sectors:

Industrial Development

Industrial Development Division acts as the One Stop Investment Service Agency or better known as OSA. The OSA is created to subsist and increase attractive investment climate to prospective and existing investors to set up manufacturing plants within the industrial estates developed by PKNP.

Property Development

The Property Development sector is one of the sectors that contribute to PKNP's revenue through the development of commercial projects that meet the needs of the people.

To establish modern and complete townships with comprehensive infrastructure that also serve as economic development hubs for Bumiputera entrepreneurs.
To provide organised and complete housing with comprehensive infrastructure within the means of buyers while increasing the percentage of Bumiputera property ownership in the state of Pahang.
To provide business opportunities and comprehensive retail spaces with infrastructure facilities in the urban areas.

To plan, develop and market properties that include housing developments, new townships, as well as integrated development plans in potential and strategic areas across Pahang.

New Commercial Hubs and Townships Development

PKNP has been concentrating on developing new commercial hubs and townships since its inception in 1965.
This is parallel with the objective of PKNP's incorporation which is to increase, drive, provide facilities as well as conduct economic and social development works especially in the rural areas for the prosperity of the people.
In addition, PKNP is responsible in providing convenient, organised and affordable business premises with leasing opportunities or priority of ownership to Bumiputera entrepreneurs at reasonable rates and within their means.
In order to realise the mission and goals of PKNP as a whole, the project and property development objective is to ensure that the development of commercials hubs, new townships, housing and shop lot projects, as well as property management, operate as revenue generators for PKNP by providing the products that meet the needs of the people.
Project Development and Property Management (PPD) are divided into four core functions :-
1) Development Centre for Rural Growth
  1. Developing and modernising rural areas via urbanisation process whereby identified traditional villages with potential to expand and grow will be developed to become PPD. 
  2. The PPD development concept involves integrated efforts in providing infrastructure facilities, public amenities and support to centralise commercial and economic activities in the PPD.
2) Development of New Townships
Developing identified new townships as district administration centres as well as commercial hubs with comprehensive infrastructure and modern and complete business premises.
3) Housing and Shop Lot Development
Housing development sector is one of the biggest scopes undertaken by PKNP since its incorporation through developer's concept, Bumiputera land development and privatisation.
4) Property Management
PKNP is also instrumental in running and managing properties that are available for leasing particularly to Bumiputera entrepreneurs by offering business opportunities and conducive retail spaces based on their affordability across the state of Pahang. PKNP's types of properties include : - 
  1. Industrial spaces and workshops 
  2. Incubator buildings 
  3. Office spaces 
  4. Residential and Commercial Shops 
  5. Shops and Social Booths


PKNP has invested in various economic activities since its establishment more than 45 years ago. Among the economic sectors undertaken include property development, manufacturing, tourism and hospitality industry, printing services and golf clubs.

PKNP investment activities are focused on:
  1. Investment of subsidiary companies 
  2. Mining 
  3. New projects

Bumiputera Entrepreneur Development

Bumiputera entrepreneurship programmes and activities are enhanced in line with the country's economic growth. Various programmes and strategies are organised to ensure that Bumiputera entrepreneurs make an impact to the national economic growth through their business activities in accordance with the policies of MPPB and Middle Class Bumiputera (GMB).

Realising the formation of MPPB is an agenda that is always given serious attention by PKNP by instilling entrepreneurial traits into the entrepreneurs in order to make them viable, resilient and competitive.

The establishment of PBUn affirms PKNP's determination to assist, guide and develop Bumiputera entrepreneurs at the state level. PKNP is confident that entrepreneurs / potential entrepreneurs can be moulded and developed if they are being provided with the necessary knowledge, competencies, skills and attitude, as well as being supplied with support services to grow their businesses.

As a whole, PBUn is the mobilising and coordinating machinery for all related entrepreneurial training programmes.

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