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Administration & Asset Management

A) Lease Application

Application forms are available at the counter or via the Property Management Division Application Form "On-line" on the Website PSDC.

B) Type Premise Rental Deals

i) Residential
ii) Home Office / Shop Office
iii) stores / stalls
iv) Office Space
v) The Business Space Shopping Complex
vi) Workshop
vii) Building Factory
viii) Incubator Building

C) The Rental Deals

 Duration Action
Complete and Return the Rental Application Form  3 day Tenant
Issuing Rental Deals  3 day PKNP
Rental returns Acceptance  14 day Date of Letter of Offer Rental Tenant
Creating Down Payment Lease 14 days from the date Rental Deals Tenant
Key Presentation Premises 1 day PKNP
Signing a Lease Agreement and Setting 14 day Tenant / PKNP
Monthly Rental Fee 7hb per month Tenant

D) Monthly Rental Rates

Rental rates are set depending on the type and location of the premises.

E) Monthly Rental Fee

Rental payments can be made before the seventh day (7 th) of each month at the counter at level 15, the Finance Complex Teruntum or by collecting rents have been accountable for making the collection at the premises of a monthly rent or lease payment service using HSBC Amanah.

F) How to Pay Rent

Payment can be made in cash (at the counter and collecting rent only), check, bank draft, bank check, postal order, money order or "bank-in".

G) Lease Agreement

Rental agreement must be signed within fourteen (14) days from the date of the Acknowledgment of Receipt of Rent and lease period is for 36 months (3 years) and can be extended for another 3 years if the monthly rent payment records satisfying.

H) Complaint

Complaint can be made by phone, SMS and complaints "online" via Rental Property Management System or through the Website PSDC.

I) Type of Complaint

Complaints lodged by PSDC repair is associated with damage to the building structure and not due to the negligence or willful damage by a tenant, family, guests or representatives.

J) Duration of Action Repair And Overhaul Of Complaint

Repair and overhaul period is between seven (7) days to thirty five (35) days, depending on the type of damage and repair cost or value of the contract.

K) Termination of Leases

Renters must provide notice of three (3) months prior to the date of termination of the lease to the PSDC.

L) Pemulangan Deposit

The deposit will be returned within three (3) months from the date of termination of the lease if all the documents have been submitted to the PSDC as the original receipt of deposit of rent, electricity and water bills of the last mentioned, no arrears of rent and no damage was caused by negligence on the premises tenant.

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